Importance of Symmetry Dublin May 12/13th 2018

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Importance of Symmetry

Chapelizod, Dublin , May 12&13

‘The IOS class explores the concepts and approach to Bowen explained in the textbook.

In the class we cover the history of where this approach came from and how Graham developed this grounding in Tom’s work and what differentiates it from a ‘typical’ approach. We look at the underlying principles and explore the basic theories in the work.

We then develop a better grasp of these principles with regards to the role on the spinal Dura and the dural attachment sites, how this knowledge underpins the work you already do and how this forms a reliable basis for assessment, understanding dysfunction and provides us with a guide to treatment.

Special focus goes into explaining and understanding the assessment of the central axis, demonstration of Graham’s own variation on the TMJ work, the importance of Coccyx work, Pelvic balance and SIJ dysfunction and some extremities which are not really covered in basic training.

Finally we will cover how all this fits together as a targeted session and each practitioner will treat from assessment to resolution with partners so to put the work ‘to work’!

Remember the class is the opportunity to get hands on experience of putting this work together in real situations and get a ‘feel’ for the process of applying this approach to your clinic.

There are no printed notes in the class, and all that is covered in the PowerPoint will go away with you as a series of PDF files on a usb stick… so there is no need to write everything on the projector down, and you can just enjoy engaging with the ideas, asking questions and taking notes that are useful to your own specific needs.’