Accredited Bowen Therapists of Ireland

The Bowen Technique – Simple but Effective

Welcome to the Accredited Bowen Therapists of Ireland (ABTI), founded in 1998. ABTI is a group of professional Bowen therapists and students of Bowen throughout Ireland.

All listed therapists have trained with a recognised training school, are fully accredited, hold professional indemnity insurance and a current First Aid Certificate, are committed to continuous professional development and are expected to follow the Code of Practice as laid down by ABTI. ABTI is a member of the Federation of Irish Complementary Therapy Associations (FICTA) the representative organisation for complementary therapy associations at national and international level (




Benefits of Bowen

The Bowen technique rather than focusing on a single complaint addresses the entire body producing a wide range of benefits.
*Unique sense of relaxation
*Reduce stress
*Balance muscular tension
*Increase range of joint motion and flexibility
*Improve posture
*Better quality sleep
*Help elimination of toxins
*Improve breathing and absorption of oxygen in the lungs

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How does it work?

There are many theories about the physiological means by which the Bowen technique brings about results. In addition to rebalancing the autonomic nervous system the technique may reset the body to heal itself by activating through the nervous system and the endocrine system among others, and the following mechanisms:   Stretch Reflex:   Most moves …

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